Act Now & Urge Gov. Brown to Veto AB 1897

Please use the draft letter below to encourage Governor Brown to reject AB 1897 because it expands liability to industries, including agriculture, that contract for labor. There is no demonstrated need for this bill and our laws already protect against contracting abuses.

Ag Council encourages members to copy and paste the letter below in an email to Governor Brown. Click HERE to email Governor Brown.


The Honorable Jerry Brown
State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Brown:

I write to respectfully ask you to VETO AB 1897 (Hernandez) because it expands liability against innocent employers who contract labor and holds employers liable for violations committed by labor contractors.

AB 1897 is an extraordinary expansion of liability against innocent parties, including California farmers and producers, and increases litigation against those entities using contractors as part of their usual course of business.

Specifically, under the bill, a business that obtains or is provided labor from a labor contractor is liable for:
• the payment of wages to the contractor’s employees
• all contributions, including tax contributions
• worker’s compensation coverage and OSHA requirements

I support current law, which already protects against unlawful contracting practices and abuse of contracted labor.

For these reasons, please VETO AB 1897. Thank you for your consideration.