Election Results

Snapshot of State Legislative Election Results

election-2016It’s been a contentious and, at times, acrimonious 2016 election. With the dust settling, we can gain some perspective and assess the outcome, although a couple of close state races remain pending. In the State Legislature, the election results reveal Assembly Democrats achieved the anticipated two-thirds supermajority. The Assembly supermajority gives Democrats the potential to more easily pass tax increases, approve changes to ethics rules and place constitutional amendments on the statewide ballot. However, it is yet to be determined whether the two-thirds supermajority will have a significant impact on policy issues in the Assembly chamber.

Moderate Democrats won several, though not all, of the contested Democrat versus Democrat races and an overview is provided below. By harnessing their votes, the business friendly Democrats could possibly change outcomes in the Assembly when difficult votes arise, and 2017 is an opportunity for them to exercise greater influence.

In the Assembly, two Republican incumbents lost their election, David Hadley in Los Angeles County and Eric Linder in Riverside County. Another incumbent GOP Assembly member, Young Kim, awaits the outcome of a very close race in Orange County. Catherine Baker, the only GOP member of the Legislature in the Bay Area, won her race decisively.

On the State Senate side, the election of Democrat Bill Dodd representing Napa, Sonoma and Davis adds another needed voice in the Senate that understands agriculture, which is welcomed along with other pro-agriculture Democrat senators such as Cathleen Galgiani, Steve Glazer, Mike McGuire, and Richard Roth. Democrats retain a majority in the Senate; however, it is not a supermajority at this point pending the outcome of a race in Southern California, which is currently leaning in favor of the Republican. In that race, Ling Ling Chang is holding onto a lead in the close contest to represent a district comprising Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange County. Senate candidate Scott Wilk helped the GOP hold onto a Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County district with a win on November 8.

As we move toward 2017, Ag Council will continue to work on pragmatic solutions with a politically balanced approach, which is in the farming community’s best interest.

Read on for the outcomes of several of the contentious and most-watched legislative races in California. Please note this is not a comprehensive list of all legislative races.

Assembly Districts Switching from GOP to Democrat
With the two Assembly districts listed below flipping from Republican to Democrat, the Assembly Democrats will hold a two-thirds supermajority in that chamber when the Legislature reconvenes.

Assembly District 60
Sabrina Cervantes (D) WON – 52%
Eric Linder (R) INCUMBANT LOST – 48%

Assembly District 66
Al Muratsuchi (D) WON – 53%
David Hadley (R) INCUMBANT LOST – 47%

Races Still Too Close to Call
In the very close races below, provisional and absentee ballots are still being counted, and the races are not yet final.

Senate District 29 – undecided race
Ling Ling Chang (R) – 51%
Josh Newman (D) – 49%

Assembly District 65 – undecided race
Sharon Quirk Silva (D) – 50%
Young Kim (R) INCUMBANT – 49%

Competitive Races Won by GOP Candidates (not a complete list)
Assembly District 16
Catherine Baker (R) INCUMBANT WON – 56%
Cheryl Cook-Kallio (D) LOST – 44%

Assembly District 40
Mark Steinorth (R) INCUMBANT WON – 52%
Abigail Medina (D) LOST – 48%

Assembly District 35
Jordan Cunningham (R) WON – 55%
Dawn Ortiz-Legg (D) LOST – 45%

Assembly District 37
Dante Acosta (R) WON – 53%
Christy Smith (D) LOST – 47%

State Senate District 21
Scott Wilk (R) WON – 55%
Johnathon Levar Ervin (D) LOST – 45%

Democrat versus Democrat races (not a complete list)
Senate District 3 – Moderate candidate won
Bill Dodd (D) WON – 59%
Mariko Yamada (D) LOST – 40%

Assembly District 14 – Moderate candidate won
Tim Grayson (D) WON – 62%
Mae Torlakson (D) LOST – 38%

Assembly District 27 – Moderate candidate lost
Ash Kaira (D) WON – 52%
Madison Nguyen (D) LOST – 48%

Assembly District 39 – Moderate candidate won
Raul Bocanegra (D) WON – 61%
Patty Lopez (D) LOST – 39%

Assembly District 47 – Moderate candidate lost
Eloise Reyes WON – 53%
Cheryl Brown INCUMBANT LOST – 47%

Click HERE to view additional election results on the California Secretary of State’s website.